What is Interstate Compact?

Plan on traveling to other states after a DUI arrest? Not so fast say Washington State DUI Laws.

A DUI arrest has several consequences on a person’s life and career. Many of those arrested for DUI in Washington State do not realize that a DUI can have a negative impact on their travel to other states.

You may not see this as one of your conditions of probation listed in the court documents you received. But after your second or subsequent DUI arrest, moving to another state without first obtaining approval will violate conditions of your probation.

This is because Washington State is part of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS). ICAOS is an agreement among states to monitor individuals convicted of certain crimes. Under ICAOS, a person convicted of their second DUI must comply with conditions of the Compact. The Compact requires individuals with two or more DUI arrests to first obtain approval from their current state and the new state prior to moving there.

The Interstate Compact applies to your case even if one or both your DUIs were reduced to lower crimes or if you are on deferred prosecution with a prior DUI.


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