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Community Law Firm is based in Greater Seattle with its primary offices in Bellevue and Seattle. We help people with DUIs, criminal defense, traffic infractions, and personal injury.

We Do Things Differently

What truly sets our law firm apart is how we view our relationships with clients. Our dedication to serve and to support our clients drives and underlines everything we do. We never forget that our clients, just like us, are real people facing real-world challenges.

That single-minded focus on our clients as people is what allows us to build strong, trustworthy and lasting relationships with them. But more importantly, we treat our clients as real people who deserve our time, attention, and respect. We make it our top priority to help resolve our clients’ legal issues quickly and effectively so that they can get on with their lives and what matters most to them. That is what sets us apart.

We take Pride in Helping People

Our firm is privileged to have attorneys who come from Russian and Romanian communities and are fluent in those languages. Having attorneys who speak Russian and Romanian allows us to better understand the needs of members of those communities and thus ensure proper legal representation. Thus, we are able to eliminate language and cultural barriers for people of different cultures and economic backgrounds and provide them with access to the legal system.

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