Negligent Driving Lawyer: Defending Negligent Driving in the First Degree and Negligent Driving in the Second Degree

Defending Negligent Driving in Washington State

In Washington State, Negligent Driving is broken down into two degrees: First and Second.

Neg. 1 is a criminal offense. It is a misdemeanor. Punishable by up to 90 days in jail, and up to $1,000 fine. Neg. 2 is a civil infraction; a $200 ticket. e.

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Negligent Driving in the First Degree

In Washington State, Neg. 1 is a criminal offense. It is governed by RCW 46.61.5249. We encourage you to read the statute, or to speak to our attorney, for more information about the law.

The short version of the Neg. 1 is this. To be found guilty of Neg. 1, the prosecutor would have to prove two things. First, that the driver operated a motor vehicle in a negligent manner likely to endanger persons or property. And second, tat the driver exhibited the effects of having consumed alcohol or illegal drug.

Exhibiting the effects of alcohol is not a high burden for the government to meet. Things like odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath will suffice. Other examples include, slurred speech, lack coordination, or other appearance or behavior consistent with having consumed alcohol.

It it important to point out that the driver does not have to be affected by alcohol to be convicted of Neg. 1. And the poor driving does not have to be attributed to alcohol.

If you were charged with Neg. 1, you will need a competent negligent first degree lawyer to represent you.


Negligent Driving in the Second Degree

Neg. 2 is a traffic ticket. It is not a crime like Neg. 1. Nonetheless, it is a serious traffic infraction and will look horrible on your driving record for three years.

Since Neg. 2 ticket is not a crime, the only punishment is a fine. There is no potential jail term as there is in Neg. 2. The fine is still a heavy one. It is $200.

The $200 fine for Neg. 2 is small part of total cost of negligent driving second. Neg. 2 remains on a person’s driving record for three years. The violation looks horrible on one’s driving record. Your premiums can increase substantially. By the time the infraction is off your record, you could easily have spent thousands between the ticket and the insurance premiums.


Definition of “Negligent”

Everyone has a different definition of “negligent.” You get to hear it from a traffic defense lawyer. Negligence is failure to exercise ordinary care. It is failing to take proper care that a reasonably careful person would take under similar circumstances. Also, it can be doing something that a reasonable person would not due under similar circumstances.

Negligent driving is very complicated. You will need the help of a competent lawyer to help you with your case. Give our attorney a call today.

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