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If you or one of your family members is accused of Vehicular Assault, you owe it to yourself to call for a consultation to learn about how we can help you. Our legal team has the experience and talent to make sure that you get the best possible resolution on your case. Speak to our Seattle vehicular assault lawyer today!

Many times the police and the state patrol do an inadequate investigation into the crash. It may seem like the police first identify a suspect and then proceed to build a case around that supposition. In Vehicular Assault cases, critical evidence can be overlooked. Our legal team has the critical experience necessary to pick apart the prosecuting attorney’s case. A qualified Seattle vehicular assault lawyer will discuss hiring an independent expert witnesses to testify on the subject of accident reconstruction and blood alcohol levels.

Under Washington law, the crime of Vehicular Assault is committed when a person drives a motor vehicle and causes substantial bodily harm to another person, and the driver is 1) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, 2) driving recklessly, or 3) driving in a manner so as to disregard the safety of others. The punishment depends on the manner in which the offense was alleged to have been committed. If the Vehicular Assault is committed by driving under the influence or through reckless driving, the punishment for a first time offender is 3-9 months. If the Vehicular Assault is committed by disregard for the safety of others, the punishment for a first time offender is 1-3 months.

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